Calicut University – The Definition of Excellence in High Education

Calicut University is a place where modernity, tradition and multiculturalism go hand in hand, creating a one of a kind atmosphere and stimulating young students to give their best and continuously improve their academic performances. Situated in the region of Malappuram from the Kerala state in South India, it is rated among the 26 best universities in the area. The number of new students coming here to complete their education reaches tens of thousands every year, a lot of them becoming eminencies in their field of expertise.

The History and Facilities of the Calicut University

The year of its establishment is 1968, and the purpose it initially served was to grant the young men and women in Kerala access to a higher education, with minimum financial efforts from their part.Although, in the beginning, it was known only regionally, the outstanding results achieved by its students and graduates, as well as the wise administration of the directorial committee made it famous, not only nationwide, but also worldwide.

calicut universityThe Botanical Garden of the University of Calicut shelters many endangered or rare varieties of trees and plants from the southern part of India, being dedicated to their conservation. However, it also has a didactic purpose, since Botany is one of the specializations that contributed to the astonishing reputation the institution enjoys today.

The library, sheltering more than 95,000 volumes, is another point of attraction for the students who come here to get a diploma in different fields. Besides books, they can consult any of the 10 newspapers and 218 journals the university subscribes to, in order to find out the information they are interested in.

The Chemistry and Physics laboratories welcome their students with last hour equipment, creating the best conditions for study, research and testing. More than that, Calicut University is one of the first superior education institutions in India having a particle accelerator installed in the campus.

Specialization Programs and Examination

Engineering, Information Technology&Computer Science, Botany, Zoology, Management and History are only some of the fields students can get specialized here. The Language Department is another strong point of the institution, especially its Arabic, Malayam, Russian and Sanskrit sections. However, at Calicut University, resources are used not only for enriching the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students and obtaining outstanding academic results, but also for the harmonious development of the body.

The University includes a Physical Education department. Shiny Wilson, P.T. Usha or Anju Bobby George are just a few of the famous Indian athletes who completed their education here. More than 250 colleges are currently affiliated to the institution, providing both on-campus and long distance education. Students choosing the last variant can get a BA or MA diploma in History, Politic Sciences, Sociology or Hindi, English, Arabic and several other languages.

Those who are interested in obtaining a BS or MS by attending long distance classes at the Calicut University can opt for Mathematics as the main objects of study. Post graduate programs are also available: Web Technology, Foreign Trade, Television News Presentation and Anchoring or Television Programme Production are just some of the fields students can specialize in.

As for on-campus education, at Calicut University, exam results are published only after they are approved by a board called Pareeksha Bhavan. The committee is also in charge of awarding the diplomas in all of the over 250 colleges affiliated to the university. By supervising all the examination procedures, this structure eliminates all the fraud suspicions, maintaining the good reputation the institution enjoys.

With the libraries, laboratories and all the other facilities providing excellent research and study conditions, those who study at Callicut University have the chance to build a solid career in their field.

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