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gujarat university
General Facts Gujarat University is the oldest and largest university in the state of Gujarat. Guajarat is located on the north-western coast of India. Ancient Greeks, the Persian Empires and the Roman Republic knew about this Indian region. At the same time, by the end of the European Middle Ages, western countries also grew familiar with Gujarat. The oldest book ...
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calcutta university
Calcutta University was established in 1857. Although Dr. Frederick John, who was the education secretary to the British Government in India at that time, made a proposal in London for establishing a university in Calcutta which was meant to follow the model of the London University, it didn’t get any approval at that particular time. But in 1854 the proposal ...
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annamalai university
Formerly known as Perarignar Anna University of Technology (PAUT), it has a technical profile and is situated in Tamil Nadu, India. It is considered to be the 9th best Indian university. Perhaps few of us know that this university contains one of the oldest and most prestigious technical institutes in the world. Not to mention the fact that it was ...
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kashmir university
First and foremost, a few words about the beautiful Kashmir province Kashmir University is situated in the Kashmir region of India. Located on the most northern Indian-Australian tectonic plate, the Kashmir region is mostly mountainous. It has barren plateaus and deep valleys, which add more charm to this beautiful place. The Vale of Kashmir is the basin for the Jhelum ...
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